Sunday 6 January 2013


This is my last blog post. But don't despair!  I have now started up a Tumblr blog instead. Hopefully I'll  be a bit more vigourous with the updates! Perhaps see you there? I'll keep this one running as an "archive" though.


Friday 25 May 2012

Dainese presents: Legends

Here's a piece I recently did for  the Italian sportswear brand Dainese, featured in a digital magazine that celebrates the first decade of the company: the 1970's. The brief was to create a busy scene with iconic characters from the decade. You can see the magazine here!

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Visuelt 2012 Nomination

I am really pleased to say that my cover artwork was nominated at this years "Visuelt" competition in Oslo, Norway! The gold award went to my old childhood friend Magnus (MVM) and was well deserved! Check out the website for the competition here . A lot of amazing work from Norway's finest graphic artists. 

Tuesday 8 May 2012

New York Times Op-Ed

Here 's an illustration I did for New York Times Op-Ed about climate change dissenters. Interesting and important subject!  Read the article here.  Thanks for the job Alexandra!

Monday 23 April 2012

Friday 20 April 2012

To Live is to Fly

Been experimenting a wee bit lately using pastels on canvas. Birds...I know, I know....This one is for the Mini Canvas Auction which is the climatic ending to the Jamaica Street Artists Open Studios weekend (8-10 May). See you there!

Wednesday 28 March 2012

The Walled Garden

The good people of Puck Studio recently asked me to contribute to their exhibition at Pick Me Up in London, alongside other "provincial" illustrators such as Jack Teagle and Andy Council among others. My contribution is a continuation of my botanical themes, this time a walled garden. To be continued.

Sekret Firmy portraits.

Here's another job i kinda forgot about. A bit different this. I had to draw a cast of Russian politicians and oligarchs battling it out in a variety of ways. Most of these guys I knew next to nothing about and I guess I captured the "likeness" with varying degrees of success. I also came down with a proper flu before the deadline, and had to sit up late into the night, high on Lemsip and cough syrup, wrapped in blankets blankets, clutching a hot water bottle.


Yikes! Forgot to post these bikes I did for Yee Haw last year. Bikes are cool! Personally, I have a really un- trendy bike, but it get me from A to B. It's a
tired old workhorse...purely functional, ugly as sin and it desperate need of a mechanic's attention. I transported 3 long scaffolding planks on it last weekend from Temple Meads to St. Georges. Couldn't have done that on a chopper!

Thursday 8 March 2012

One that slipped through the net...

Here's a family tree I did months ago for the internet version of Store Norske Leksikon (Great Norwegian Encyclopedia).......

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Blog This!

I did these illustrations a while back for Executive Travel Magazine. The article is about CEO's and how they can approach social media in a meaningful (business enhancing) way. The answer is not to be too "businessy" or do "blog posts by numbers", but to tweet from the heart. Be personal, opinionated and passionate...

Wednesday 9 November 2011

Full Gass (Full Throttle)

On the occasion of their 10 year anniversary, the good people at Dinamo Design in Oslo asked 10 collaborators to design a T-Shirt based simply on the number "10". I've had some some nice commissions from them over the years so of course i was delighted to contribute. They're printed in 3 spot colours in a limited edition of 50. Here's a picture of me looking like a tool!

Christmas Cards, 2011

I've been busy printing a big batch of new Christmas cards lately. It's been a good while since I did any printing and as usual it was not a straight forward process...All sorts of things went wrong, testing my patience to the max, but in the end they came out really well and I learned a lot from it. (Lesson 1: Check that the separations match up before you put them on the screen...That will save you loads of hassle!) Anyway, They are now available from my online shop.

If you live in Bristol, drop by the Jamica Street Artists' pop up shop "Art Box" on College Green. Open on December 8. I'll be selling all sorts of things there: Cards, calendars, tea towels, books, prints etc etc..I'm even in charge of the window display. Yikes!

Wednesday 12 October 2011

LOBO Perry

A few months ago I was asked to make a label illustration for LOBO, a small micro- brewery located in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. They have grown and produced fruit from their family orchard for 5 generations and in recent years diversified into making apple and pear cider (Perry). LOBO means Wolf in Spanish and Portuguese and is also a variety of apple which they grow.
The brief was to portray the wolf character as 'sophisticated' and 'metrosexual', so I gave him a bit of a Frank Sinatra makeover in the end. Although I had to reign in my usual "wonkyness" to a degree I think the end result is pretty good. Some times you simply have to deliver what is right for the job/client. And rightly so!

I'm especially pleased with how the box turned out. It was fun working with negative lines and trying to do something a bit delicate in spite of the rather crude print process ...
Big thanks to Anthony O'Sullivan at Influx Creative for the passionate feedback along the way. This job really felt like a team effort.

Monday 3 October 2011

More reliable than gold!

If you don't have a pension plan in place don't worry - visit my brand new online shop to invest in your future. In these uncertain times it's a relief to know that some things will only increase in value........

Monday 26 September 2011

Solo show at SNAP Gallery

An exhibition of my recent work is currently on show at the superlative SNAP Gallery until 19th November. The show features brand-spanking-new pieces inspired by the astonishing and bizarre world of botany alongside a collection of other recent pieces. Come one, come all.

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Nature Calendar 2012

Human Empire, a brilliant Hamburg based design and illustration studio, has launched a great calendar for next year. 12 international artists have made nature related pictures for each month of the year, and I'm honoured to be one of them! My contribution is taken from my award winning 2008 picture book "Slapsefjell", published by Magikon, Oslo.

The artists participating are:

Bjorn Rune Lie (No), Vincent Mathy (Be), Mike Perry (US), Anton Weflö (Swe),

Markus Oakley (UK), Human Empire (De), Adrian Johnson (UK), Merijn Hos (NL),

Sergio Membrillas (Es), Karin Rönmark (Swe), Nan Na Hvass/Sofie Hannibal (Dk)

and Adam Highton/Yule Bringer (UK).

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Strange Fruit

Here's a piece I just did for RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects). It's based on an old editorial I did for People Management. It's gonna be animated (very simply) on their website! I'll add a link to that when it's up and running.

Monday 12 September 2011

Local Hero

It's been a while since I've painted, but the good folks at Peix in Berlin have yet again asked me to do a piece for their calendar. The theme this time was "Heroes, Gods and Garden Gnomes"... I decided to ditch the Gods and Garden Gnomes, and instead focus on "hero"... My original idea was to do a piece on American Folk heroes....who tend to be thieves and outlaws under a sort of "Robin Hood" guise... But in the end I decided to go for something more playful. Like a reformed "super villain" doing nice things...

Wednesday 6 July 2011

Sekret Firmy editorial

Here's a couple of pieces I did for Sekret Firmy (Russia) a few weeks ago. It's for an article about a DNA database that can be used in geneolagy (...) Will post some pictures soon of the actual magazine...It's a pleasure to work for a magazine that's so beautifully designed! The spots below were dictated to me, by the way. Can you tell who those two guys with the glasses are?

Can't see the wood for the trees!

Here is my latest tea towel design for Kauniste, Finland. Trees! Lots of them! Man, I miss the smell of pine trees! I also created an alternative version to be screen printed on fabric...Repeat patterns are really tricky to make, but I'm pleased with the result.

Tuesday 5 July 2011

New Studio!

I recently moved to a different studio in Jamaica Street Artists. It's a great room, but the massive windows have proven to be a double-edged sword. I've spent a small fortune on blinds, but it's still super bright! Nevertheless, I'm knuckling down, trying to get some stuff ready for open studios...which is only about two weeks away! Yikes!

Save The Bookworm!

The good folks at Nobrow commissioned me to design a tote bag a while back, and now it's finally available! Before you rush out to buy an ipad, spare a thought for the poor bookworm whose future is in jeopardy! Nobrow of course, are champions of print, and wont give up without a fight. Join the struggle!

Saturday 7 May 2011

Sekret Firmy Cover

Here's a cover illustration I did recently for the Russian business magazine "Sekret Firmy". They wanted looooads of strange details for this one, lots of graphs and charts incorporated into the composition. Quite like the result though! It was cool to write in Russian, although I have no idea what alot of it means!

Friday 6 May 2011

Nobrow 5

At last another blog post! Not really breaking news anymore, but here's my contribution to Nobrow 5: "Some of my favourite things". The brief was to create a repeat pattern out of 20 of my favourite things(...), 3 spot colours + GOLD! The repeat pattern was extremely difficult to work out, and was just totally against the grain of how I usually make pictures, so I decided to keep the colours as simple as possible, just using pink and yellow to create the black..(or dark blue, as it turned out!) I'm fairly happy with the result, but it got a little bit too technical this time for me to really enjoy the process.

As for the actual image, I decided to take on a different "persona", with a more interesting collection of "favourite things" than I myself have... I chose to be an explorer/botanist/adventurer from the early 1900's, loosely based on the exploits of Col. Percy Fawcett, a renegade explorer of the Amazon jungle, who vanished without a trace in 1925 serching for El Dorado(or the city of Z, as he called it)...The creature in the middle started out a tiger, but morped into a bat. His prize trophy; a golden tiger-bat!