Friday, 29 May 2009

Open Studios

The annual Jamaica Street Artists' Open Studios Bonanza  is suddenly just a week away! As has been the tradition the last few years, a bunch of us get together for a big ol' mural-painting session to advertise the event. Every year I swear I'm gonna start doing more "street art" stuff, because it's loads of fun and everyone who walks by seem to love it; junkies, kids, mums, businessmen, hipsters, punks, crusties etc,etc...
So yes. Come along for the big art hoe down Friday 5th of June from 6pm. There'll be cakes, beer, an  auction, etc, etc...Then theres a big party at the Croft later, with heaps of DJ's and bands playing your favourite tunes. 

Monday, 18 May 2009

New work on the old web site!

I've put some new work on my web site...Hurrah!  Here's an image I've done recently called Not In My Airforce. I'd been wanting to make a picture featuring old war planes for ages, but didn't know how to do it until now. 

Nobrow Magazine

The first issue of Nobrow magazine is out at last! It's a beautifully printed, limited edition magazine in which a range of artists have interpreted the theme "Gods and Monsters". The price is very reasonable, only £9, so get yourself a copy immediately!

My contribution is based on Norse mythology and features a showdown between Odin and the horrible Fenrir!  According to the myth, Odin would get killed by Fenrir at the battle of Ragnarokk and the world would go under. Kinda like Armageddon I guess. All this stuff is normally the property of black metal folks who take it all very seriously... I thought I'd make it a bit more light hearted. 
A  limited edition screen print of the image is currently for sale from Nobrow Smallpress. It's an edition 50, all signed by the artist (me!) and can be yours for a mere £75.00 

There's also an exhibition on in the bar/gallery Jaguar Shoes in London, where all the images in the magazine is on prime display. My image was chosen to be blown up real big, covering a whole wall! I'm super chuffed, because I must say it looks pretty damn cool!
The show is running until the end of June I think, so check it out. 
Thanks to Alex and Sam for the hard work!

Take it to the hills! (opening night)

Here are some photos from me and girlfriend  Lindsey Stainer's show, "Take it to the hills!" We both worked super hard to get it together, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out, especially how well our work sat together  when we mixed it up (thanks Ben!) Check out the Here Gallery's website for more pictures. It's running for another couple of weeks, so it's still a chance to catch it if you are in the Bristol area.