Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Blog This!

I did these illustrations a while back for Executive Travel Magazine. The article is about CEO's and how they can approach social media in a meaningful (business enhancing) way. The answer is not to be too "businessy" or do "blog posts by numbers", but to tweet from the heart. Be personal, opinionated and passionate...

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Full Gass (Full Throttle)

On the occasion of their 10 year anniversary, the good people at Dinamo Design in Oslo asked 10 collaborators to design a T-Shirt based simply on the number "10". I've had some some nice commissions from them over the years so of course i was delighted to contribute. They're printed in 3 spot colours in a limited edition of 50. Here's a picture of me looking like a tool!

Christmas Cards, 2011

I've been busy printing a big batch of new Christmas cards lately. It's been a good while since I did any printing and as usual it was not a straight forward process...All sorts of things went wrong, testing my patience to the max, but in the end they came out really well and I learned a lot from it. (Lesson 1: Check that the separations match up before you put them on the screen...That will save you loads of hassle!) Anyway, They are now available from my online shop.

If you live in Bristol, drop by the Jamica Street Artists' pop up shop "Art Box" on College Green. Open on December 8. I'll be selling all sorts of things there: Cards, calendars, tea towels, books, prints etc etc..I'm even in charge of the window display. Yikes!