Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Walled Garden

The good people of Puck Studio recently asked me to contribute to their exhibition at Pick Me Up in London, alongside other "provincial" illustrators such as Jack Teagle and Andy Council among others. My contribution is a continuation of my botanical themes, this time a walled garden. To be continued.

Sekret Firmy portraits.

Here's another job i kinda forgot about. A bit different this. I had to draw a cast of Russian politicians and oligarchs battling it out in a variety of ways. Most of these guys I knew next to nothing about and I guess I captured the "likeness" with varying degrees of success. I also came down with a proper flu before the deadline, and had to sit up late into the night, high on Lemsip and cough syrup, wrapped in blankets blankets, clutching a hot water bottle.


Yikes! Forgot to post these bikes I did for Yee Haw last year. Bikes are cool! Personally, I have a really un- trendy bike, but it get me from A to B. It's a
tired old workhorse...purely functional, ugly as sin and it desperate need of a mechanic's attention. I transported 3 long scaffolding planks on it last weekend from Temple Meads to St. Georges. Couldn't have done that on a chopper!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

One that slipped through the net...

Here's a family tree I did months ago for the internet version of Store Norske Leksikon (Great Norwegian Encyclopedia).......