Wednesday, 12 October 2011

LOBO Perry

A few months ago I was asked to make a label illustration for LOBO, a small micro- brewery located in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. They have grown and produced fruit from their family orchard for 5 generations and in recent years diversified into making apple and pear cider (Perry). LOBO means Wolf in Spanish and Portuguese and is also a variety of apple which they grow.
The brief was to portray the wolf character as 'sophisticated' and 'metrosexual', so I gave him a bit of a Frank Sinatra makeover in the end. Although I had to reign in my usual "wonkyness" to a degree I think the end result is pretty good. Some times you simply have to deliver what is right for the job/client. And rightly so!

I'm especially pleased with how the box turned out. It was fun working with negative lines and trying to do something a bit delicate in spite of the rather crude print process ...
Big thanks to Anthony O'Sullivan at Influx Creative for the passionate feedback along the way. This job really felt like a team effort.

Monday, 3 October 2011

More reliable than gold!

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