Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The History of Children's Playground Games

Playground originale
Here's a project I did at the end of last year for The British Library.
It's an "interactive" illustration for a website dedicated to the last 100 years or so of children's playground games. It features lots of old footage of what kids used to do before they had computer games and mobile phones.
Unfortunately I had to alter the composition to make it easier to navigate, but never mind!

Wedding Invitations

This summer my lovely sister is getting married to Tim, one of best friends! It was with great pleasure I got to design and print their wedding invitations!
Here's a goofy picture of me from the screen printing sessions at SNAP. A big thanks to Ben Newman for helping me out big time!

Tim is a really good songwriter, by the way, and I've had the pleasure to play drums for his band "The Weary Band" on a number of occasions...Check out some demos and stuff here.

New York Chili Festival


Chilifest Devil flattened300
Happy New Year! I know it's a bit late, but hey! I've made it through January without getting the English Winter Blues! Yey! Although my studio is still like a deep freezer, I now have a wood burning stove in my house to keep me warm, so I can get through the days just thinking about chucking logs on the fire, pouring a glass of whisky and putting on a black and white film...Ah..My life is kinda complete now!
Anyway..Here's an illustration I did for Yee Haw a few weeks ago. A poster for a Chili Festival, where 30 odd chefs compete to make the most devilishly nice chili! Should have been there!