Thursday, 17 March 2011

A couple more..


Here are some strange characters I did for an exhibition called "The Elephant Graveyard", which features a nice bunch of fresh faced (though in my case: old and haggard) illustrators at Urban Outfitters in Bristol. Thanks to Liam and Adam for putting on the show!


And yes...This is work in progress on another piece...(I got it framed and sent off before I got it scanned...What a dork!) I'll hopefully post a better version soon! I've always been intrigued by Victorian greenhouses.. And I love the prints of German biologist Ernst Haeckel. This is probably the most time consuming piece I've done...possibly ever! And I was supposed to be loosening up!!

Free stylin'

Helicopter cropped

Phew! Finally managed to squeeze in a blog post! Things have been pretty hectic lately...
I've been doing quite a lot of self initiated stuff though, which has been incredibly liberating... No art directors, no size restrictions, no narratives that demand continuity, no deadlines, but time to experiment with new techniques and take risks......


I have a vague theme that I'm steering towards, but I'm sort of just "free styling" a lot of the time. The pieces can end up completely different than originally planned, by throwing in a strange character or suddenly turning the background into a jungle for example. The work I've been doing recently seem to be snapshots of some bigger story. My hope is that if I keep doing this long enough, they will start coming together somehow.

the getaway cropped