Friday, 26 February 2010

Foreign Fiction Prize

Here's a picture I did a couple of weeks ago for Standpoint Magazine. It's to go with an article written by one of the judges of this year's Foreign Fiction Prize. He argues that even though fiction translated into English only accounts for about 3% of books published in Britain, this does not mean that they are necessarily any good!!
Some really big Norwegian literary names gets a pretty rough time in this article, and apparently the author will stay well away from any books with the words "Norway" or "Norwegian" in the future! Nice to work with a really juicy and opinionated text for a change, although I'll probably never work for Norwegian publishing again after this!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Narrative Coaching

Here's a job I just finished for "Coaching at Work" magazine. Its about "narrative coaching", a type of coaching which focuses on meaning values and aspiration. It seeks to shape new, alternative and more meaningful stories about client's lives and specific events...I could do with some of that!

Tropical Robots!

Happy New Year! Better late than never. Had a bit of a break from the old blog. Been on strike. Trade union voted for industrial action. Only joking. Here's some stuff I've did for Yee Haw a few weeks ago; Robots! One colour only. The plan is to do eight in this series. Half way there!