Monday, 27 April 2009


Finally finished the Bachelorboka project last week. Despite ending up doing quite a lot of work for not very much pay, it was a nice project all in all. Sometimes getting a lot of good and positive feedback from the client can be worth more than a little bit more money...
I got to fool around with old style packaging, make up ridiculous products and just really cut loose with 1940's style Norwegian copy writing... Even my most far fetched ideas went straight home with the editors! The only compromise for me was the colour...I would've liked a different colour scheme, but the client asked about 20 people what they preferred and they all said red...It's all right I guess.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

I've got an image in a magazine/book called "Gods and Monsters" published by a small London based publisher/art studio called Nobrow. It features work by lots of cool artists (like Ben Newman and Stuart Kolacovic for instance) and its all printed in just two colours, blue and black. Really lookin forward to seeing it! There's a release party/ exhibition in London in mid May. Please come on down!
Private View: Thursday 14th May, 2009
Exhibition: 15th May-28th June 2009
32 Kingsland Road, E2

Friday, 3 April 2009

Back to school

Just finished this here peace for Futurelab. It's a cover image for a "Teacher's handbook".
I was trying out some new techniques, but it's too busy an image to really see it. I'm fairly pleased with it, but my girlfriend said it reminded her of  Marc Boutavant (...) And damn it, I guess she's right!! I'm a massive fan of his obviously, but I was hoping it would turn out more graphic and not look so much like him, but oh well...Hopefully there's some of Me in there too though..