Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Hillary and Tenzing

I finished this piece last week. It's another calendar image for Peix Pharma (here it is along with two previous ones). The theme his time round was "Miracles of the World" or "Extraordinary Performances". After a few cups of coffee in a cosy cafe, far from bottomless crevasses and frostbitten toes,  Ed Hillary's ascent of Everest in 1953 came to mind. For some reason I'm really fascinated by polar expeditions and adventures that involve extremely low temperatures...Especially when they go wrong, like the Italia airship in the arctic in 1928. Anyway... The british expedition, led by John Hunt, seemed to go swimmingly however...No hiccups, non of the crew falling out, no threat of mutiny or anything...Not even any casualties! Nevertheless, a really amazing achievement, realised thanks to careful planning, good leadership and excellent team spirt! Oh yes!


Mitch Bunt said...

Amazing work Bjorn! Seen your stuff before and love it! I never knew you had a blog, I'll be coming back often.

Joe Coleman said...

I do graphics at UWE and jus wanted to say cheers for the talk yesterday. Really enjoyed seeing your work.
Love these calendar illustrations!

Bjorn Rune Lie said...

Thanks so much guys! Really appreciate your comments!