Friday, 3 April 2009

Back to school

Just finished this here peace for Futurelab. It's a cover image for a "Teacher's handbook".
I was trying out some new techniques, but it's too busy an image to really see it. I'm fairly pleased with it, but my girlfriend said it reminded her of  Marc Boutavant (...) And damn it, I guess she's right!! I'm a massive fan of his obviously, but I was hoping it would turn out more graphic and not look so much like him, but oh well...Hopefully there's some of Me in there too though.. 


Chris Andrews said...

Very much liking the limited colour palette. Very effective.

Stunning work as usual

Nishant Choksi said...
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Nishant Choksi said...

Great image. I love how you handled the space and people. 10% Boutavant 90% Bjorn:)

Bjorn Rune Lie said...

Thanks Nishant! Really appreciate it!