Monday, 10 May 2010

Log drivers

Here's another piece I've done recently. It's called "Log drivers on the Drammen River" and is another "homage" to the old river workers of my home town. It appeared in my local newspaper as part of a series called "Drammen Illustrated" which each week features a picture by an artist who either lives in or have some connection to the city. Drammen has undergone some dramatic changes in recent years. Traffic has been diverted through hillside tunnels, opening access to the river for the first time with promenades, artificial parks and beaches. A very costly facelift I'm sure, but it has definitely given the town an air of optimism.
With this piece though, I wanted to remind people that the city wasn't built by sipping cappuccino in a riverside cafe, but rather by the toil and work of thousands of workers with soggy feet and calloused hands!

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