Thursday, 8 July 2010

Save the polar bear!

It's been a while since I've posted anything on this here blog. Guess it's a good thing really. The weather has been amazing lately and I've been exceedingly busy with various projects and exhibitions.
I recently finished this map/game for the Norwegian recycling company "Grønt Punkt" . It's a big wall chart, 100x70 cm, that will be distributed to primary schools around Norway. The main objective of this game is to encourage classes to recycle all their milk and juice cartons every day and to raise awareness about environmental issues. After a year of recycling and learning, classes can enter a big competition to win a cash prize and polar bear adoptations.

This is one of those jobs where you kind of have to put your own preferred "style" to one side, and just to do what the brief demands. The client has been really nice to work for and sometimes it's nice to be able to just do a job. I enjoyed researching old maps anyway!


Samara Andrews said...

This is great Bjorn. I remeber seeing you half-way through this in your studio recently and I thought then it would be a cracker!

Bjorn Rune Lie said...

Thank you very much, Samara!
My computer begs to differ probably...Had it down on all fours at one point. Was too big to save for photoshop! (over 2 GB!!)

Eivind Gulliksen said...

Har du CS5 Bjørn? Prøv å lagre som Large Document Format hvis du har store filer. :-)