Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Nature Calendar 2012

Human Empire, a brilliant Hamburg based design and illustration studio, has launched a great calendar for next year. 12 international artists have made nature related pictures for each month of the year, and I'm honoured to be one of them! My contribution is taken from my award winning 2008 picture book "Slapsefjell", published by Magikon, Oslo.

The artists participating are:

Bjorn Rune Lie (No), Vincent Mathy (Be), Mike Perry (US), Anton Weflö (Swe),

Markus Oakley (UK), Human Empire (De), Adrian Johnson (UK), Merijn Hos (NL),

Sergio Membrillas (Es), Karin Rönmark (Swe), Nan Na Hvass/Sofie Hannibal (Dk)

and Adam Highton/Yule Bringer (UK).

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Julien said...

great work ! I love the pullover !!