Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Wedding Invitations

This summer my lovely sister is getting married to Tim, one of best friends! It was with great pleasure I got to design and print their wedding invitations!
Here's a goofy picture of me from the screen printing sessions at SNAP. A big thanks to Ben Newman for helping me out big time!

Tim is a really good songwriter, by the way, and I've had the pleasure to play drums for his band "The Weary Band" on a number of occasions...Check out some demos and stuff here.


Quentin said...

Well these invitations are lovely!
Great Job!

Bjorn Rune Lie said...

Thanks Quentin! Really appreciate it! Cheers, B

Stacey Lang said...

Quite cute actually. You see that with a just a little creativity and imagination, you can produce unique and personalised wedding invitations.